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Combi Boiler Quotes

Compare Combi Boiler Quotes

Welcome to Compare Combi Boiler Quotes - The leading comparison service to help people get the best price on a new boiler.

You put yours and your family lifes into the hands of the person who installs your new combi boiler. Gas appliances are extremelly dangerous when they are not installed correctly by a professional. Every so often you read terible stories in the new paper about combi boilers that have been fitted incorrectly. That is why we ensure every single of the the heating engineers and boiler companies we work with are GAS SAFE registered. This will give you peace of mind knowing your new combi boiler will be getting installed in the correct manor by an expert plumber.

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Save up to £570 per year on your energy bills with a new combi boiler

Boilers account for about 55 per cent of what you spend in a year on energy bills, so an efficient boiler makes a big difference.Modern boilers are more efficient for several reasons, but their main advantage is that they are all condensing boilers. All well-maintained boilers burn their fuel very efficiently, but they inevitably lose some heat in the hot gases that escape up the flue. A condensing boiler has a larger heat exchanger, so it recovers more heat, sends cooler gases up the flue and is more efficient.

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Combi Boiler Quotes
Combi Boiler Quotes

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By comparing quotes with us today using our really easy only comparison system you could make a huge saving. We help over 10,000 homeowners each month to compare quotes for combi boilers, provided by trusted Gas Safe Registed boiler experts. We have made comparing prices on new boiler installations quick, easy and hassle free. To start comparing new combi boiler installation quotes from trusted tradespeople that work within your local area simply fill out the form at the top of this page with your requirments.

Compare Combi Boiler Prices

How much should a combi boiler cost?

The cost of getting a new or replacement combi boiler installed, can vary on a large number of factors. Things such as the size of your property, the number of radiators, bathrooms and bedrooms will all effect the price. Also what brand and model of combi boiler you choose will considerably change how much you will end up paying. We always advise to compare combi boiler quotes when purchasing a new boiler. To help you we have detailed helpful information based on the most common installation types, with data compiled from installers we work with. Below is a guide to how much combi boilers cost.

In all honesty, the cost varies a vast ammount. Why? Because each individual property has a different heating system currently in place. Depending on how this system was plumbed in, can alter the overall cost of having a new combi boiler installed. If for example, your gas meter is 10m away from the actual boiler and is not a pipe which meets regulations (22mm), then this will need to be installed which will increase the overall cost.

However, to give you an idea, a typical "A" rated combi boiler should cost somewhere in the region of £1,000. This is a good average for a straight forward boiler instalaltion, with a high quality boiler from a manufacturer such as Baxi, or Ideal.

Replacement Combi Boiler straight swap

Typically Costs Between £500 - £1,000

If you wish to have a typical, low'ish budget install and it is a simple case of removing an old combi boiler and installing a new one in its place, expect to pay somewhere in the region of £500-1,000. All prices vary depending on the boiler and materials which are used for the install. Get 3, free quotes from local, trusted heating engineers for a straight swap, combi boiler install.

Replacement Combi Boiler that's a not-so straight swap

Typically Costs Between £700 - £1,200

It is not always a case of just removing a boiler, and installing a new one in it's place. Sometimes, extra works will be required such as re-sizing of an area, moving pipework, filters etc. This will usually bump up only the cost of the labour, not necessarily the cost of extra parts.

New Combi Boiler Install with Extra Radiators

Typically Costs Between £900 - £1,600

Installing a new combi boiler is a huge upgrade for any home, espeially if it is taking the place of an old, in-efficient model. However, in order to make the most of out your new system, it is reccommended that you replace any old, low-output radiators or install new ones where necessary. Expect to pay somewhere in the region of £1,300 depending on how many extra radiators are required and pipework.

A New Combi Boiler Heating System / Conversion to a Combi Boiler

Typically Costs Between £1,500 - £3,000

The prices stated are only to be used as a guide. For a whole new heating system, the costs will vary a great deal. This could be because of the size of the property itself, whether or not you choose to install your new combi boiler with copper pipework or plastic, how many radiators, type of combi boiler and type of controls.

As with any large purchase, it is highly reccommended that you get your hands on three quotes. This will help you to compare each deal, what is included and it also makes sure that you get the best deal. Use our system to get three quotes from local heating engineers.

What is the best Combi Boiler brand?

Let's be honest if you are reading this then you want to quickly find out what combi boiler is best for you. You will most likely also want to find out how to get the cheapest combi boiler quotes. So I wont bore you with lengthy explanations about the history of each combi boiler brand. Instead I have listed the most common combi boiler brands with the key factors that you need to know.

How do I know which make/model combi boiler to buy?

Well generally, this is all down to your budget and your needs. We'd recommend that you use the combi boiler quotes comparison tool at the top of this page. We'll then arrange for someone to contact you to discuss your requirements and budget further. If you simply do some reading research.

How efficient is a Combi Boiler?

New combi boilers are much more efficient than an old, conventional boiler system. However, the actually efficiency of boilers vary depending on the boilers age. All new boilers which are manufactured are "A" rated, this basically means, it's about as good as you can get with the technology which we currently have.

Understanding the percentages

To give you a better idea about how much different a higher rated boiler can make, the following should help you out. If you have a boiler which is G rated (70% Efficient) - for every £1.00 that you spend on your bills, 30p is wasted and can not be recovered. If you install a new, condensing combi boiler, they are 90%+ efficient, which means the savings can be up to 25p for every pound spend. This is a huge ammount of money when you spread it over a year. If you are looking to get a new A rated boiler installed, get three quotes from local engineers on our approved Gas Safe network.

What rating is your current Boiler?

Boilers are given a rating (A-G), this rating is determind by how efficient it is in a percentage calculation. This information is available via something called the SEDBUK database. This is a database of information which has details on every boiler which has ever been manufactured and its efficiency ratings. As a guide;

How does the efficiency effect me?

Obviously, the more efficient your boiler is, the more money you are likely to save on your energy bills. It can sometimes be confusing, so, to give you an idea we've set things out really simply. If you were to remove an old 'G' rated boiler, and have it replaced with a new 'A' rated boiler. You could expect to save up to £300 per year and around 1,220kg of CO2.

What is a combi boiler and why are they so popular?

Combi boilers combine everything that a conventional heating system can do, in to one space-saving unit. They provide instant heat, quite literally, on tap. They only generate the ammount of hot water which is required at the time, this reduces wastage. If you have a standard, conventional heating system at present, you can have this converted in to a combi system if your home is suitable. A combi boiler is a space-saving unit which has revolutionised the way which we generate heat and hot water within our homes. It does what it says on the tin, quite literally, and they are the most common type of boiler which are installed across the UK today.

Prior to the development of the combi boiler, a typical heating system would consist of a boiler which would be mounted on the wall, floor or even behind the fire (a back boiler). This boiler would generate heat, which in turn would be connected to a hot water cylinder which in most houses would be located in a cupboard on your landing, the airing cupboard. If you wanted to get a bath, you would have to heat all of the water in the tank, which is extremely in-efficient as you would end up with a surplus of hot water and no use for it.

A combi boiler combines those two elements, in to one. Hence the name, combination. With a combi boiler, you only pay to generate the hot water which you need and it does this on demand. When you run your tap, it heats up the water when you need it, when you put the shower on, a combi boiler heats the water instantaniously and provides power at mains pressure so there is also no need for an expensive pump.

Can I get a combi boiler on finance if I have poor credit?

In short, yes. In the height of the reccession it was neigh on impossible to get credit unless you had a squeaky clean history. But now, finance is much easier to access with companies such as Credit Union who will listen to your circumstances, rather than having a "computer says no" attitude. It's like buying a car, you spread the payments over a period of time and this can be as little as £20 per month. Just like a new car, your new boiler will carry a warranty of up to 10 years, so you can rest assured knowing that you'll benefit from a reliable, efficient heating system for many years to come. Crucially, if you're replacing a very old in-efficient boiler, the savings that your new replacement will make on your monthly bills can often cancel out the repayments making it a win-win situation.

Why should I compare combi boiler quotes?

Well, why shouldn't you? It's like anything in life, if you want the best deal you'll need to do the research. Thankfully, we've already done that for you. We've built up a network of boiler installers all over the UK who offer the best balance of price, service and quality. We regularly monitor feedback to ensure that our users are only getting the best.

How and why is this service free of charge?

We don't charge you, the user, at any point during the use of our service. Instead, we charge the heating engineers/suppliers a small fee so that they can quote for your requirements. This way, they are hungry for your work and they will always ensure that they offer the best price they can in order to beat their competitors.

Who contacts me?

In short - Approved, quality and most importantly, local tradesman. In order for a company to get on to our network, they must have proven themselves to offer high standards of customer service, be fully insured and carry all of the necessary qualifications/certifications to carry out the required works. We're working on a directory of our top rated combi boiler engineers, you'll be able to view that very soon.